About the Editor

Monica Miller-Domaille

I have spent more than a decade

taking apart novels to figure out how they work. I'm also a lifelong devotee of English: my understanding of grammar is based not just on style manuals, but also on years of mulling over the quirks, deficiencies, and possibilites of our language. I know when to hyphenate, where to place commas, how to avoid dangling modifiers, and why we care about split infinitives even though English isn't a Romance language (basically, the Victorians were pedants), but I also know when it's better to throw these rules to the wind.

A Westerner by temperament and geography, I have lived in every part of the American West, from Mid- to South- to Coast, and now make my home in a small mountain town overrun by foxes.

Hobbies: hiking, fishing, pika-watching, drawing, and (of course) reading

Qualifications and Experience

Ph.D. in English Literature, U.C. Berkeley, December 2012.

-Areas of specialization: the 19th- and 20th-century novel, modernism, emotion
-Dissertation: Sympathetic Constellations: Toward a Modernist Sympathy
-Additional education: A.B. in English Literature with general and special honors, University of Chicago, June 2005. Minor in Italian.

Former writing instructor at UC Berkeley

-Designed and taught reading and composition courses for college freshmen and sophomores
-Combined lessons on grammar, logic, and style with discussions of literature
-Worked individually with students to identify and focus on their unique strengths and weaknesses

Freelance editor

-Edited, copy edited, and proofread scientific articles, fiction, websites, medical writing, academic essays, fellowship and grant applications, and marketing copy
-Styles: Chicago, MLA, AMA, APA, AP, and others
-Samples available upon request