Substantive editing

Substantive editing is also known as content editing or comprehensive editing. It involves:

  • tightening or rearranging passages
  • restructuring chapters
  • removing or adding plots, characters, or scenes
  • recalibrating pacing
  • strengthening logical connections

A substantive edit is a significant undertaking. It requires additional work from the author but can greatly improve a manuscript.

Copy editing

Because different style guides have different preferences, copy editing is also known as copyediting. Confusing? Not to a copy editor! A manuscript is ready to be copy edited when the only remaining errors are stylistic or grammatical. Copy editing involves:

  • correcting grammar and spelling
  • checking facts
  • fine-tuning and standardizing style
  • ensuring that details are consistent
  • clarifying confusing passages

Copy editing is different from proofreading, which involves checking for typos, production errors, etc.

Academic Editing

I provide copy editing services for articles and dissertations in a number of academic disciplines. More details are available here.